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Making it work: Placement + full time job

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Welcome back to West Coast Style! This week i'm talking about how I made it work, while I was on placement and working full time. There were a few bumps in the road, a few major meltdowns, stressful days that turned into nights but overall I managed to hold down a fulltime job while completing my work placement for college over the last few months. Now, I was fortunate enough that I could work remotely throughout my placement, so I moved home for the year and kept on my summer job as a way to earn some extra money for college and graduation because I am heading into final year in September and college is expensive, between books, food, going out, clothes etc.

So for those interested, I worked as a communications intern for a sports organisation from September to April. Most of my work was based on managing their social media accounts, coming up with new ideas for campaigns, promoting irish cyclists competing abroad, writing club and rider profi…

West Coast Playlist of the week

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Check out this week's playlist.

1. All the Stars- Kendrick Lamar, SZA 2.My Lover- Not3s 3.God's Plan- Drake 5.Narcos-Migos 6.Sad!- XXXTENTACION 7.Butterfly Effect- Travis Scott 8.Top Off- DJ Khalid, Jay Z, Future & Beyonce

New Year New Me? Debunking the biggest resolutions out there

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Happy New Year, welcome back to West Coast Style, this week i'm debunking the biggest new years resolutions out there...
Every year, without fail, we promise ourselves we'll finally join a gym, start eating right, severe ties with toxic people, go for that new job, live our best life. Unfortunately that lasts about a month before we hit the valentines day crisis, when all the singletons out there are desperate to find love before the commercial holiday, when tinder dates spike, when flowers and candies are ridiculously priced and fluffy bears with lovehearts are a must have for any girl out there. 
That's the thing about resolutions, unless you want to make a real change in your life, they tend to be forgotten about by the time paddys day rolls around. That gym membership you bought the little fob they gave you at the desk is left covered in dust sitting in your gym bag which you're now using as storage at the bottom of your clos…

College Diaries: Why I chose NUIG?

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Happy New Year! Welcome back to West Coast Style. I know I've been M.I.A lately but this week's post is worth waiting for. If you're new to this blog, hi there, my name is Aileen, I'm a third year arts with journalism student in NUIG, and this is West Coast Style. I've talked a little about my college experience in the past but for those of you out there who are applying to college for the first time, maybe on a year out, or thinking of transferring colleges, I thought i'd let you guys know why I chose NUIG, and why it should be a college to consider when it comes to your cao.

Yes I still look 17 nearly three years later...
So... back in 2015 I was doing my leaving cert and it was around January when I started filling out my cao, I was studying for my mocks and I had decided to do journalism (if i got the points) in NUIG, of course I had a few back ups, like U.L, Maynooth, DCU, but I knew I wanted to go to Galway. The…

What I've been up to?

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Welcome back to West Coast Style! It has been awhile since I've written on this blog, apologies. The last month has been chaotic to say the least, and to celebrate a year of West Coast Style I took some time off to reflect and regroup in terms of what I want to do with the blog moving forward.
So this week I'm going to show you guys a behind the scenes look at what I've been up to and what's next for West Coast Style.
Here's a few snippets:

Moving forward I will be working full time on this blog, November will be the comeback for West Coast Style so stay tuned for more content, from music, trends, lifestyle, entertainment and more.

Until next week, Aileen xo

Celebrating One Year of West Coast Style!

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Last October I had an idea, to write a blog all about the little things that interested me. To have a place to write about college, careers, life in general, music, and more. Exactly one year ago today I took a chance and set up this blog. I haven't looked back ever since. Its been a long year but days like today make every late night post and early edit so worth it.

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I stood on the same  beach and took this photo, a year later. Its amazing how much can change in twelve months, I started this blog with little experience as a writer and now I'm honored to call myself's lifestyle editor, a contributor to Student Independent news and now a communications intern for Cycling Ireland. 

None of these things would have been possible without this blog, without the experience I gained, I would not be where I am now. I would just like to say a massive thank you to the small group of people who actually re…

The college diaries: Freshers

Welcome back to West Coast Style! This week I wanted to launch something a little exciting, the college diaries. If you didn't already know, I'm a third year in college (Yes shockingly enough yours truly made it to third year), but this year I'm away from my second home working as a communications intern, but for those of you who actually read this blog, most of you are still in college or starting college for the first time.

Having been through the system and experienced all of the great and not so great things college has to offer, I can truly say it is an experience like no other. Between living away from home, tackling a new timetable, getting to know your new city, making friends and going out it can be a handful. Honestly it is going to test you and you'll struggle with some things but once you settle in and find a routine and make some friends, its the best time of your life.

With freshers now well and truly in full swing here's some advice from one student…